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  • I have a laparoscopic camera stack (or tower) which has a light source why would I need the ORA 6K® LED Light Source?

    A few reasons.

    Firstly, by saving space. There maybe a surgical procedure where the surgeon requires light only. Operating room space can be limited. Instead of bringing in a whole laparoscopic stack just to use the light source element – use the standalone ORA 6K LED Light Source, saving you space in the operating room.

    Secondly, as a supplementary light source. There are a number of procedures which are carried out endoscopically which require two light sources. For example in ENT surgery for transoral surgery in the throat a light source is used with the camera that is attached to an endoscope and a second light source is attached to a laryngoscope to illuminate the throat.

  • Does the ORA 6K® have a warranty?

    The ORA 6K® are provided with a 1 year warranty.

  • Can the ORA 6K® be purchased and used in the USA?

    No, the ORA 6K does not have FDA approval. We will notify you when this changes.

  • With the ORA turret there are four light ports that accept Wolf, Storz, ACMI and Olympus - can I use any other connectors such as Pentax?

    Yes – you will need to get an ‘adaptor’ which will turn the fibre optic connector at the end of the light guide to fit one of the ports on the ORA Turret.

  • Will there be other products available from Inspired Surgical in the future?

    Yes, we are currently working on a number of new-age lighting and visualisation technologies which we will release in the near future.

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