ORA 6k

Historically traditional Light Sources in the operating room have used a xenon lamp.

Although a xenon lamp is an improvement in terms of performance over halogen or metal halide, they generate a lot of heat requiring noisy fans. The xenon lamps typically need replacing after around 700 hours of use.

The benefits of the ORA 6K with it’s LED technology include;

30,000 hour LED life – proving more cost effective and less disruptive.

Consistent LED light which does not degrade over the lifetime of the LED.

Significantly less heat produced thus safer for patients, theatre staff and instrumentation

surgical illumination

Compatible with headlights and illuminated instruments with Wolf, Storz, ACMI & Olympus connectors

(others manufacturers available via an adaptor).

surgical illumination

Quieter due to less fans required.

The ORA 6KTM floor stand has:

  • An ergonomic ‘easy grip’ handle
  • Utility basket for accessories such as Headlights
  • Basket hooks for cables
  • Cable management clips
  • Locking casters
surgical illumination

Brightness increase / decrease

ACMI compatible

Storz compatible